Day 1 (Pre-Lunch) NOV 06, 2020
Panel Session (10:00-11:45)

Topic: Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

Prof. D. Banerjee, IISc, Bangalore
Prof. S. Banerjee, Chancellor, HBNI
Prof. S. Basu, Director, IMMT Bhubaneswar
Prof. K. Chattopadhya, IISc, Bangalore
Dr. G. K. Dey, Raja Ramman Fellow, BARC, Mumbai
Dr. K. Muraleedharan Director, CGCRI
Prof. B. S. Murthy, Director, IIT Hyderabad
Prof. R. V. Rajakumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar
Dr. A. Srivastava, President EMSI and Director, CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal

Coordinator: Prof. P. V. Satyam, IIT Bhubaneswar

TS 01 (12:00-13:00); Session Chair: Prof. K. Chattopadhyay

(12:00 – 12:25) Prof. Dipankar Banerjee –IISc (T1) (Electron Microscopy in Materials Engineering)
(12:30 – 12:55) Dr. G. K. Dey (T3) (Fluctuation Electron Microscopy)

Day 1 (Post-Lunch) NOV 06, 2020
TS 02 (14:00-15:30); Session Chair: Dr. K. Muraleedharan

(14:00 – 14:25) Dr. D. Sridhara Rao, DMRL (T9) (CBED-HOLZ technique for Electronic Materials)
(14:30 – 14:55) Dr. R. Tewari, BARC (T4) (Electron channelling contrast imaging technique : A direct technique to observed crystallographic defects under SEM)
(15:00 –15:25) Dr. Partha Ghosal, DMRL, Hyderabad (T5) (Advanced Characterization of Materials Using PED/ ACOM in TEM)

TS 03 (16:30-17:30); Session Chair: Dr. Partha Ghosal

(16:00-16:25) Prof. Rahul Mitra, IIT KGP (T6)(In-situ and ex-situ studies of microstructural evolution of magnetron sputtered NixZr1-x alloy thin films)
(16:30-17:00) Dr. G. Ravi Chandra, ARCI, Hyderabad (T7) (EBSD and its applications)
(17:00-17:30) Dr. B. Satpati, SINP, Kolkata (T8) (Electron Microscopy in developing stable surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates)

Day 2 (Pre-Lunch) NOV 07, 2020
TS 04 (10:00-11:30) Session Chair: Dr. R. Tewari

(10:00-10:25) Dr. Madangopal Krishan (MSD BARC) (T2) (Twinning and martensitic Microstructures)
(10:30-10:55) Dr. P. Sengupta, BARC (T10) (EPMA: Enhancing Proficiency in Multidisciplinary Areas)
(11:00-11:30) Dr Arup Dasgupta, IGCAR (T11) (A simple tool for determination crystallographic texture in nano-materials)

TS 05 (11:45-13:10) Session Chair: Dr. Bibhuranjan Nayak

(11:45-12:10) Dr. Balamurali Krishna , DMRL (T12) (Electron microscopy and atom probe tomography of high performance steels and super alloys)
(12:15-12:40) Dr. P. S. De, IIT BBSR (T13) (Orientation Imaging Microscopy of High Entropy Alloys - a case study)
(12:45-13:10) T13 Dr. Ashutosh Rath, CSIR-IMMT (T14) (Insights into Materials functionality via Aberration-corrected STEM)

Day 2 (Post-Lunch) NOV 07, 2020
TS 06 (14:30-16:20) Session Chair: Dr. Animesh Mandal

(14:30 – 14:55) Dr. S. Saha, DMRL (T15)(Imaging Defects using Electron Microscopy)
(15:00 – 15:25) Dr. R. Sabat, IIT BBSR (T16) (Texture)
(15:30 – 15:55) Dr. B. Viswanadh, BARC (T17)(In-situ electron microscopy of phase evolution during rapid solidification of multiphase Al-11Cu (at.%) alloy)
(16:00 – 16:20) Dr. P. Nukala, IISc (T18) (Operando observation of reversible oxygen migration and phase transitions in ferroelectric devices)

TS 07 (16:20-17:30) Session Chair: Prof. P. V. Satyam

(16:20 – 16:35) Dr. C.S. Tiwary, IIT KGP (T19) (Engineering 2D materials at atomic scale and its characterization using electron microscopy)
(16:40 – 16:55) Dr. C.V Kiran, VSSC, Kerala (T20) (Advanced TEM Studies of Aerospace Alloys)
(17:00 – 17:15) Mr. A.Rajagopal/Mr.Daniel,CarlZeiss, India,(T21)(New developments in FESEM based STEM imaging)
(17:15 – 17:30) Dr. R. R. Juluri, Fore vision Instruments, Hyderabad (T22) (Role of focused ion beam in Materials Science)

(17:30-17:45) Concluding Remarks

Dr. K. Muraleedharan, Dr. A. K. Srivastava, Dr. Rahul Mitra